• 2016 Year-End Wrap Up

    Catherine had an amazing 2016, with several appearances in both TV and film projects, including:

    • NCIS:LA
    • Scandal
    • Greenleaf
    • Recovery Road
    • The Automatic Hate (avaiable on Netflix and Amazon
    • Dating Daisy (available on Amazon)

    Starting off 2017 with exciting news: just booked a recurring role in the new HBO series "Sharp Objects", with Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, and Elizabeth Perkins.

  • 2013 Year-End Wrap Up

    Catherine had a wonderful, exciting 2013, with several appearances in both TV and film projects, including:

    • The Mindy Project on FOX
    • Brooklyn Nine-Nine on FOX
    • Series regular on RED STAR
    • Indie film THE AUTOMATIC HATE, directed by Justin Lerner, starring Joseph Cross, Adelaide Clemens, Deborah Ann Woll, Richard Schiff, and Ricky Jay.
    • Indie film THE GIFT, directed by Jonathan Lawrence

    Looking forward to 2014, with 3 features already on the books, and more to come!

  • Senator, Judge, Mother-of-the-Bride From Hell: Catherine Carlen Plays Them All

    Read the full article here.

  • Catherine gets rave reviews for her role(s) in Three Views Of The Same Object

    "... Three Views, however difficult, is a vivid, memorable experience."
    "... A formidable cast that features some of the best character actors in town."
    "... Catherine Carlen, whose nuanced performance trumps her underwritten role ..."

    "... It is a brilliant piece of theater ..."
    "... The cast is remarkable ... "
    "... Catherine Carlen brings real nuance and intelligence to her three variations on the same character. Small changes in her physicality speak volumes; she raises an eyebrow while essentially repeating the same line, and somehow, the meaning seems quite different. It�s not a showy role�but Carlen�s is no less an accomplishment ..."

    "... A Tour De Force ..."
    "... For anyone who appreciates seasoned acting ... "
    "... Catherine Carlen has the most challenging role as she appears in all three relationships with slightly differing but similar roles. Her phone call monologue, while difficult, shines luminous as she maintains control without losing heart ..."

    Plus, Three Views was named the LA Weekly Pick Of The Week.

    Want to attend? Click here for more info.

  • Three Views Of The Same Object named a Critic's Choice by The Los Angeles Times

    Catherine joins a stellar cast in the Rogue Machine Theater's production of Three Views Of The Same Object. The LA Times calls it "overwhelming" and "a vivid, memorable experience."

    To read the full review, click here.

    Want to attend? Click here for more info.

    The LA Stage Times also has a lengthy article about the production, including an interview with playwright Henry Murray. You can read it here.

  • CCI Workshop in Germany was a huge success!

    Catherine just returned from Kaiserslautern, Germany where she taught a 3 day CCI Workshop. Catherine Carlen Intensive was held at the Pfalztheater and was a huge success. The Young Actors Program at The Pfalztheater were her students.

    This program was produced by Jan Nissen, Catherine's producer of International CCI Workshops. The German students were thrilled to have a renowned International Hollywood Acting Coach working with them on their craft.

    The newspaper wrote rave reviews and the experience was fantastic for all concerned. For more information please contact Catherine's Producer, Jan Nissen at or 0114915773802579

  • New private film class!

    This Private Film Class feels and looks like being in a real movie. You learn everything you need to know to go to work on a set. This intensive class is a perfect way to introduce yourself to being a film actor.

    Catherine is now teaching this personal private film class 6 days a week. By the end of this class, you end up with your own demo reel. You work on film scenes and have Private individual direction from Catherine to develop the best reel to show off who you are and where you fit in this business of acting. This (one on one) class is great for all levels of actors and the individual instruction helps move you faster in achieving your dream of being a working actor.

    Look at the 2 minute demos in the Demo Workshops section of the site to see the finished product. This class is taught with Roger Biff Johnson on camera. You must sign up for a minimum of 3 weeks. To find out more, please call 818-809-8243.

    International Students Welcome. A lot of students come from all over the world and study on a Vacation Visa for a few weeks.

  • Catherine signs on as executive producer of SAG feature film STRAY DOG

    Catherine and her husband, producer Biff Johnson, are currently in pre-production on the new film, STRAY DOG: A POLICE STORY OF LUST AND BETRAYAL. Based on a fantastic script by Manette Rosen & David Darmstaeder, STRAY DOG is a SAG feature film with over 40 roles. It will be directed by Joel Bender, with principal photography slated to begin in summer of 2009. The completion date will be targeted for all major festivals and film markets. For more information, please visit

  • Now teaching kids!

    Catherine is now teaching kids of all ages and levels privately in Studio City, CA. Affordable rates. Interview required. For more information, contact or call 818-809-8243.

  • Directors and producers join Catherine for actor workshops

    Acting workshops are going great. We have had an amazing group of directors and producers joining in the classes. It's not too late to sign up for the next round. For more information, contact or call 818-809-8243.

  • Custom actors demo reels now available

    Catherine is now offering custom actors demo reels, directed by Catherine and shot by producer Biff Johnson, at very affordable prices. For more information, contact or call 818-809-8243.

  • Catherine interviewed on REEL Ladies radio show ... again!

  • Catherine interviewed on REEL Ladies radio show

  • Acting Classes In Europe -- June 2007

    Catherine taught workshops for the first time in Europe, June 2007 at the Swansea Film Festival ( You can read more about it here:
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  • RUNNING OUT OF TIME IN HOLLYWOOD screens in four more festivals

    We screened in 4 more festivals in 2006. They included Charlotte Film Festival, River's Edge Film Festival, Big Island Film Festival and Tiburon.

    We are getting ready to screen at the Swansea Bay Film Festival in June 2007.

    Catherine will be teaching workshops at the Swansea Bay festival in Wales.

    This is the first time she has taught acting in Europe. She is really looking forward to sharing her experience with international actors.

  • Catherine's Feature Film Directing Debut

    I have been very busy this last year and a half. I co-directed my first feature with Jim Edwards and I teamed up with my producer husband, Roger "Biff" Johnson and the 3 of us made a feature film called "Running Out Of Time In Hollywood"

    I wrote the story and I star in the picture too. Please go to the web site and take a look at our labor of love:

    I have also been teaching at The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and I have loved it. I have been coaching for Susan Batson's Black Nexxus in LA and that has been wonderful too.

    I will keep you up to date with all the latest news and developments. The World Premiere of Running Out Of Time In Hollywood has happened !!!!! We are thrilled to be part of the film festival circuit of 2006-2007.

    We had a great screening in Alabama at the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival. In March 2006 And we won Honorable Mention in the Professional Feature Film Category.

    We had a great screening in Delray, Fla. at the Delray Beach Film Festival In March 2006. John Diehl won a life time achievement Award.

    We are screening in Oklahoma at the Bare Bones International Film Festival In April 2006.

  • Catch Catherine on The WB's THE STARLET

    The Starlet is now airing on Tuesday nights at 9pm on the WB!

    "Until Now their lives have just been a rehearsal.. From stuggling actress to The Starlet"

    Watch CATHERINE CARLEN guide the girls to their dreams. DON'T MISS March 22!! A very special episode ...

    The show airs on Tuesday at 9pm and repeats on Thursday at 9pm.

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