About Demo Workshops

THE DEMO REEL PROGRAM allows actors at all levels to create a dynamic show reel which showcases their acting skills for agents, managers, casting directors, and producers.

There are many places in LA to do this, where you can have a scene taped in front of a backdrop titled and shipped out, but nowhere will you be as well served as you will be by Catherine and this program. Here you will have her years of experience brought to bear and focused to hand craft your reel to help you make this mini film.

Catherine is involved guiding you and helping you make all of the choices that will effect what the world sees. She helps you select the scenes that are best suited for you. She coaches you to build a performance that brings out all of the colors in you. Finally she directs your performance as the reel is being shot by us, on location, not in front of a limbo curtain. She is not done until she edits the reel with you, has it scored and helps you to video publish it.

The importance of a show reel that showcases your talents is beyond discussion, no matter at what level of training you are at. The "Show reel" is your calling card; it becomes your face to your future employers and representatives.

The process of making your reel is indeed the process of making a film, your film. During the DEMO VIDEO PROGRAM Catherine becomes your Producer and Director. The program uses professional cameramen, and editors who are working to make this work as good as it can be for you.

The time needed is between 2 to 4 weeks depending upon scheduling and your availability. Everything in this program is hand crafted and tailored to each actors needs and levels of craft.

It doesn't matter what professional level you are at, the decisions that are made about the choices for your reel are among the most critical you will have to make. Your show reel is among the most important investments you will make in your career. Catherine will help you make the right choices, choices that you can build upon for years to come.

Ask Catherine to help you today by joining THE DEMO VIDEO PROGRAM. Email catherinecarlen@hotmail.com today to schedule your shoot.

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