About CCI

CCI develops individual study programs for specific aspects of Film, Television and Theater for students on all levels from all over the world.

CCI is located in Hollywood, California the film capital of the world.

CCI has programs in Acting:(Film, Television and Theater) screenplay writing, directing, cinematography and anything the student may be interested in studying with working professionals in that field.

Institutions are usually geared towards groups and their programs are developed in a general way to accommodate these large numbers of students.

CCI creates programs geared towards having students reach their own specific personal goals. Focusing on a specific area of study a program will be designed to achieve the maximum benefits out of each students dedicated efforts.

The difference in big organizations and CCI comes down to personalized individual designed courses of study.

CCI uses your time in a more effective way by utilizing the expertise of professionals working in their fields.

It is very difficult to have a professional working director teach in a large Institution. The professional director usually does not have the time to commit to a teaching career while working in their field. At CCI a professional working director will commit to a weekly study program. To be taught directing by a Film Director that is actively working in show business is advantageous compared to a directing teacher in an Institution that has quite possibly never made a film or hasn't done so in years.

CCI was designed for today's World of Film, Television and Theater. The awarding winning International Acting Teacher, Catherine Carlen, developed CCI after many years of teaching in large Theater and Film Institutions where the need for individual programs became clear. The large Institutions have big overheads and have to keep large numbers of students to cover those overheads. This can make the quality of their teachers and programs suffer. Institutions are geared towards numbers but at CCI the student is treated as an individual and a program is designed with only one student in mind. The Individual comes first and in this way a specific program of study can be designed for maximum benefit for that student.

CCI students have the opportunity to work at their own pace with one on one instruction from the professionals in the areas of study that is designed personally for them. If you want to learn to write a screenplay you are studying with an award winning screenplay writer. If you are interested in Directing, you are studying with an award winning working director. If you are interested in acting you are studying with an award winning working acting coach and the list goes on.

CCI was designed to get the student out of a traditional classroom and into the real world of Theater, Film and Television.

The cost of the CCI individually designed programs depends on the goal the student will be achieving.

The course of study time can range from a few weeks to years. Each student has choices of study and the program is created for their individual goals. Life and Art are all about Choices and the Choice is yours.

Learn what you are interested in with an individual program designed just for you.

For more CCI information contact: 818-809-8243 or catherinecarlen@hotmail.com

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